Everything seems different.

Apocalyptic, catastrophic, alarmingly surreal.

These are the days of the unprecedented. Unrivaled as an infectious collective memory, boundless as a global war zone, the kind that takes us to ground zero.

Days of sorrow, distance, dizzying haze, solitary confinement.  Mental analysis paralysis.

This is the curse of The Corona Virus, the pandemic calamity that is sweeping lives by the hundreds of thousands, dragging the world’s economy by trillions, tearing our present hopes and plans, all while flaunting a crown as if wanting us to bow and curtsy. 

Isolation our only armor, eyes wide open, doors closed shut, the only contact is thyself. 

Add resistance to fear. The writing is on your wall. There’s no way out, dare to dive in, see what you fix. Solo.

Worrying loops of watching and waiting. Let me dream that curve go flat.

Mental symptoms turn physical on me.  Does it happen to you too? Will this fear go away? Will we see the light of day?

We know we will. 

We are on our way.  Staying home. 

This is the time to be stronger together, particularly because we are apart.

Can’t you feel it?  Remember last month? Don’t you miss us? Need to hug me?  Do you want to pray together?  I do.

But I want to be better before we meet again. I want to be a better me so that we can be a better we. I want to honor the dead with a legacy for life. I want us to turn the ugly shadow of disease into a universal sea of faith in better times to come.  

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men, Hemingway wrote.  

Ask any Italian, Spaniard, American, South American or Asian who lost loved ones.  It could have been you. Ask all the international exhausted healthcare workers or generous business donors if they know the nationality or the political affiliations of humanity when there are minutes left to save lives.  

They don’t. They rise above. They think big. They embrace humanity as one.

This is the grandiosity of the human spirit – God-given, unbiased, unprejudiced, universal, never fragile but faithful till the end.

Can we meet there?

Don’t think twice. 2020 is hindsight.