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Anyone who has lived life long enough, experiences life’s receding ebbs and magnanimous flows. Yet not everyone who has lived this long can witness the grace of those who’ve held us all along. Count me among the lucky ones, engrave me in my Golden Hour. Days before marrying in my fifties, my life-support core showed […]

A trip around the sun

I never thought of my birthday this way. Until now, I celebrated most of them as rebirths with intentions. Until now, I lived my days as lines connected by points of hard work or unrequited love that I alone could nurture, fix, or dismiss. This year was a different trip around the sun. One that […]

2020 is Hindsight

Everything seems different. Apocalyptic, catastrophic, alarmingly surreal. These are the days of the unprecedented. Unrivaled as an infectious collective memory, boundless as a global war zone, the kind that takes us to ground zero. Days of sorrow, distance, dizzying haze, solitary confinement.  Mental analysis paralysis. This is the curse of The Corona Virus, the pandemic calamity […]

Friendly Reminder

Messages come to us in many ways. My latest came through the coffee to go window of my Latin Cafe. I had recently started a corporate opportunity that everyone thought had potential, only to end abruptly right at the end of a never-before-experienced, three-month-testing deadline dismissal. The day after this demoralizing experience, and regardless of how […]