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Perhaps is a favorite word. Its meaning, phonetics, and the wisdom behind those who prefer it for the same reasons that I do. For all one knows – it could be, it may be, it may surprise you. Perhaps surprised me this week, proving itself timely, patient, wise, forever healing. And perhaps had it, that […]

Race the Fear

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the campaign held every October globally to increase breast cancer awareness and raise funds for its cure, just ended. For most women, the fight to fight the disease never ends. Fear fuels it. Ask the girl in us. To this date, I have been fortunate not to have breast cancer. And […]

The Booty Tribe

Every Time, all caps, no mercy, no maybe – it’s Saturday morning and badass rules here. Head to Brickell Equinox and watch us endure Tarra Martinez’ Booty Blast class, designed to define, yet endured by mostly women, the kind that defy definition. You’ve been warned. The club describes the class as “dedicated to the bottom […]

Irma’s Sleepstream

What a difference a week makes. Especially if you counted on a category five hurricane to swipe your hometown and self in pieces. Last September 10, Hurricane Irma churned the state of Florida making its catastrophic land in the Keys and spreading calamity on through Florida’s southwestern coast, mercifully brushing Miami as a category three […]