I never thought of my birthday this way.

Until now, I celebrated most of them as rebirths with intentions.

Until now, I lived my days as lines connected by points of hard work or unrequited love that I alone could nurture, fix, or dismiss.

This year was a different trip around the sun.

One that was a long time coming.

Months screamed at me to exhume a toxic mirage that called for sharp turns and sudden stops before dying on impact.

On my way to sanity, beautiful waves of spiritual reflection gave way to a new life healed by the relentless love of a man, soon to be my husband.

My excitement unveiled the unspeakable joy of this kind of celebrations in my life. Always cancelled.

Not this time around.

Overdue gave way to overjoyed. It also gave way to opportunity – to listen, to learn, to understand, to ask for forgiveness and receive only more love in return.

Last years’ trip around the sun echoes Cold Play’s Everyday Life.

Everyone loves, everybody gets their hearts ripped out”

“Look at what everybody’s going through. What kind of world do you want it to be?”

One photographed in the light of truth.

One written in the universal scripture of fatherly love.

Sister, mom and dad taught us well.

And as I start a new trip around the sun, I am stepping gratefully into a new year in the universe.

I am traveling together with our beautiful family and lifetime friends.

All of us as one.

Add millions of years of wisdom from the sun.

Isn’t that a reason to celebrate?